Letter to the Editor: Action required on harbour sand

DEAR News Of The Area,

SCOTT Wolgamot’s letter on Friday 15 March was well researched and informative.

His explanation does well cause one to wonder why the State Government has not acted upon Council’s request of 9/6/22 to have the harbour dredged like it was in 2001.

Back at that time the MV Port Frederick was contracted to collect sand in the harbour and transport it past Muttonbird Island before releasing it.

The NSW Government’s latest news states: “extremely low tides, and weather conditions causing rapid sand buildup”.

Such water conditions are to be expected in an ocean environment, and low tides are well noted in all our tidal charts.
So perhaps it’s best to blame poor design for the present (and continuing) problems.

And we should not accept that we now have improved facilities, when the reason for the facilities (boat ramp to access the ocean safely) is not safe in the normal range of weather patterns.

I have witnessed boats caught on the sand, boats pushed around by sea swells, and boats unable to return to the boat ramp facility, effectively stuck at sea until tidal change.

None are a desirable or safe boating option.

And presently, to try and contain the problem, there are never ending dredges, excavators, and trucks moving sand from the harbour to the quarry and then to places beyond.

It is very clear that such is a losing battle – whilst the rest of the harbour (which receives no dredging attention) also continues to accumulate sand.

So before there is a boating tragedy, or Coffs Harbour is recognised as not being a safe boating/harbour facility, steps should be taken to commence a serious level of dredging to the whole harbour.

Maybe the MV Port Frederick (or a similar solution) could be invited back to Coffs Harbour!

Coffs Harbour.

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