Letter to the Editor: Opposition Leader to abandon 2030 emissions targets

DEAR News Of The Area,

For the past 30 years we have had political leaders who have wanted to create fear and division using racism, climate change and nuclear power stations as ciphers to manufacture discontent.

They don’t seem to mind if they use misinformation or outrage if they can garner your attention for this purpose.

The Opposition leader Peter Dutton recent announcements that the Coalition is abandoning Australia’s 2030 emissions targets follows this same well- trodden footpath.

This is a political class that has completely lost sense of what its role is.

Having just gone through a year in the world where every month is the hottest on record, where we have huge problems with climate, the public good is more aligned with taking clear action to mitigate carbon emissions for the safety of future generations.

Leaders set direction; they guide us to outcomes.

Having a target to aim at keeps action focused and allows for the assessment of performance against stated ambitions.

What matters is not the failure of Dutton’s performance.

What matters is that we “the people” set an intention to move through what needs to be done to take effective climate action.

This intention of ours should aim for the most clarity and best understanding of this matter that we can muster.

Better outcomes for change will follow and we will get the leaders we deserve.


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