Letter to the Editor: Timber workers fearing job losses

DEAR News Of The Area,

AS as a local timber worker I was alarmed to hear that after reaching an agreement with NSW Forestry on increased environmental protections to allow timber harvesting to restart on the South Coast, the EPA has now backflipped on that deal and is putting our fellow workers’ jobs at risk.

As a timber worker, all our work is held to strict environmental rules.

The work being done down South hasn’t changed since they announced the new rules on 2 February, so why have the rules changed again?

This out-of-control regulator needs to be brought into line.

My workmates and I are incredibly worried about what the future might hold.

The 50 or more jobs at the mill I work at might not sound like much to activist groups in the city, but in a town like Kempsey it will be incredibly hard to find other work and to be honest, we don’t want to.

We are proud to produce the timber our community relies on and don’t think stopping Australian production and importing timber from offshore is a good option for jobs or the environment.

We need the government to get involved and fix this devastating decision by a rogue regulator.

NSW residents deserve better than having to choose between good jobs and a good environment, we can and should have both.

This needs to be sorted before our town is staring down the barrel of job losses.


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