Letter to the Editor: The community deserves answers

DEAR News Of The Area,

FIRST of all Mike Pearce regarding your letter (‘Let’s replace the Big Banana with the Big Tissue Box’, 2 February Edition), yes we all have reason to whinge now and then, but can you honestly say you have not noticed the state of neglect on our roundabouts?

High growth roadside verges are overgrown and create a risk to traffic and pedestrians.

Is it up to the Department for Infrastructure and Transport to be responsible for the cutting of grass or is it up to our Coffs Harbour Council?

Perhaps the reason is a lack of staff.

If so, perhaps the answer is to privatise the job.

I am sure they would be inundated with willing paid gardeners to clean up the mess.

It has to be done, it’s an embarrassment and dangerous.

Phyllis TAYLOR,
Coffs Harbour.

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