Myall U3A Hosts WiFi CSIRO Scientist

Dr Alan Young.
Dr Alan Young.


THE Myall U3A crew were delighted to have a visit from Dr Alan Young from Port Stephens Third Age Learning who presented ‘The Wi-Fi Story’ to members at Hawks Nest Old Library.

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Dr Young was associated with the brilliant team of CSIRO scientists who invented the now famous Wi-Fi, the wireless local area network (LAN) system.

He described the painstaking research that led to the technology which was ahead of its time.

Dr Young explored the background of those involved and how the right mix of people came to be at CSIRO at the crucial time in the early 1990s.

He outlined how they overcame the difficult challenge in attempting to get fast and reliable wireless data transfer inside buildings where multiple signal reflections from walls, furniture and people damage the radio signal.

Early attempts suffered from serious dropouts and low speed due to the noisy “echo” environment.

The final solution proved to be robust and very fast and resulted in a landmark patent that was years ahead of the rest of the world.

It also led to the creation of Radiata the Australian company that proved its commercial validity.

A large royalty stream for CSIRO resulted when WiFi was adopted on a large scale with billions sold worldwide.

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