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Dear Denise
What’s your advice on renovation?
GB Medowie

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A LOT of homeowners are completing renovations these days. In fact it seems to be a national pastime! The majority of the renovation warriors, it would seem, are trying to improve the value of their home for a future sale.

My advice on this would be to ensure you do it right, as a buyer can usually sniff out a slapped together reno a mile off.

For example when you are planning and completing your renovation and plan to paint, ensure that you take the time to prep all surfaces thoroughly prior to commencing with any paint brush. I was showing a home once when the buyers pointed out to me that the weatherboards on the exterior of the home hadn’t been prepared prior to a coat of paint being slapped on.

You could clearly see how quickly and cheaply it had been done.

The paint had been peeling off but instead of sanding them back, undercoating and then repainting someone had just painted straight over the peeling surface. And that is another case of poor presentation and first impressions going wrong. How much money do you think the potential purchaser was adding up in their head for the cost of sanding back, undercoating and repainting?

Always go the extra mile for quality.

Hope this helps.

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