Maui Thai World Champ Visits Nelson Bay

Michael Thomas and Rick Sarmais of Personal Touch Fitness with John Wayne Parr The Gunslinger.
Michael Thomas and Rick Sarmais of Personal Touch Fitness with John Wayne Parr The Gunslinger.


MAUI Thai ten-time World Champion John Wayne Parr, otherwise known as the Gunslinger, delivered an inspiring seminar at Personal Touch Fitness in the Bay.

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Maui Thai is Thai style boxing a martial art which uses stand-up striking and clinching.

The sport is also known as the “art of eight limbs” as Maui Thai boxers use fists, elbows, knees, and shins in combat.

In 1996 Parr moved to Thailand and lived in a Muay Thai camp for four years, he trained in Bangkok and Pattaya, competing in 30 fights and ultimately winning two world titles.

It was during his fights in Thailand that he first imitated a wild west gunfighter.

This signature was taken on by the Thai’s gaining him popularity.

He now lives on the Gold Coast and runs his own training facility.

Joy Flint of Personal Touch Fitness told News Of The Area, “The seminar was so successful and the positive energy was electric.”

She and the team at Personal Touch Fitness believe that a World Champion can influence all ages.

The gym runs classes from the age four upwards and parents really want their children to be able to protect themselves, and to see their confidence grow in a safe sport that is respectful to others.

“I personally know that having a role model to be inspired by can give motivation in your chosen field, whether this be for sport or work or just in everyday life.

“We encourage respect at this gym from all angles, kids and adults need to be polite and courteous and Muay Thai is very much part of that,” she said.

Many people that use Muay Thai as an outlet for stress, anxiety, daily life and also a form of self-defence.

You can see John Wayne Parr’s story in a documentary entitled Blessed With Venom which reveals The Gunslinger as a world champion, devoted family man and all round nice guy.

John is portrayed as a genuine hero with infinite courage to his legion of fans, he is respected and admired by his opponents which is a testament to his integrity and commitment to his sport.



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