Pindimar – Bundabah Community Association update by Peter Economos

Pindimar Bundabah Community Association

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WE previously advised locals and visitors to drive carefully on Pindimar and local roads.

There have been two vehicle rollovers within a day of each other, one trying to avoid wildlife the other due to poor visibility at the Pindimar Bundabah turn off, we urge you to take care.

Lot of interest taken in recent local honey tasting of honey from Victoria and NSW. All the honeys scored between 6.00 and 6.70 out of 10. They were Mixed Blossom, Mountain Harvest, Iron Bark, Red Stringy Bark, Kamarooka Mallee, Red Gum and Bloody Good a blend of pure honeys.

Location of the Fire Danger Indication Sign still remains an issue as its present location on Myall Way does not adequately serve the needs of the resident ratepayers of the area. Prior suggested locations on Myall Way to serve the majority, have received a negative approach and fallen on deaf ears, however the Association will continue to pursue this issue.

A lot of road patching /repairs required, some of the work done in Clarke Street South Pindimar is not up to standard, consequently resident/ratepayers are questioning whether they are getting value for their rate dollar. PBCA have given Council Engineering Dept. a list of issues which they are addressing however, the lack of funds and Councils backlog of work appear to be hampering progress. A presentation on the restoration of South Pindimar Beach and Visions for the area will be made to Council in the New Year.



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