PM’s Vision For Hunters Future

Prime Minister Scott Morrison outlining his vision for the future of the Hunter.


VISION is something we need from our leaders and the Prime Minister outlined his vision for the future of the Hunter this week when in Tomago.

The Prime Minister was enthusiastic about the Hunters future, particularly around innovative collaborative projects like the production of Lithium batteries.

He highlighted the positive nature of skills training for the future of the region and supporting more manufacturing while expanding trade markets.

The discussion focused on manufacturing, training and technology as well as innovation.

The Prime Minister said, “In so many ways, the Hunter is the model case.”

He believes that if it will work in the Hunter it is going to work in Australia.

“I’m seeing the collaboration between universities, science agencies, and investors.

There is passion and commitment of businesses, educators and the people of the Hunter.

“And I’m just keen to ensure that I’m working with the Hunter to remove any obstacles that could be in their way, because I can assure you, a policy problem solved here in the Hunter means it’s going to be a policy problem solved elsewhere in Australia.”

“Because these are the regions that I particularly want to see go ahead into the future.”

When it comes to manufacturing the Prime Minister is keen to see the Hunter continue to manufacture aluminium, be involved in training, science exploration and manufacturing medical products.

In relation to removing barriers to trade for the region, the Prime Minister was keen to see the Newcastle Port able to deliver all the services that this region needs for it to be successful.

“Let me be very clear about the outcome I want to see.

“Whether it’s the port here in Newcastle or the port up in Townsville or wherever ports may be, I want to be able to, in Gladstone, I want these ports to be able to service the regions as fully and as competitively as is possible.

“That’s what I want to see.

“I want to see the Port of Newcastle working for the Hunter, and I’ll be working to that end.

However, the Prime Minister did state that the process that the Treasurer has instigated in relation to the Port would continue and he expressed his hope that the process will achieve an outcome that will end with a Port of Newcastle that works for the Hunter.

The Prime Minister stopped short of committing the government to resolving the issue of compensations paid to New South Wales Ports.



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