Sawtell Bowls Results

Sawtell Bowlers Grade 7 Pennant side travelled to Merrylands to contest the State Playoffs: They did well reaching the semifinals where after trailing 28 shots fought back to draw level late in the game: However the opposition held their nerve and put an end to Sawtell Campaign: Great Bowling and congratulations to the player’s supporters and everyone involved.

NEXT Over 60s Bowls – 8/7/24- to be held at Park Beach Bowling Club at 8.45 am for Card Call at 9.30am $5 Subs are now due- The AGM will be held after Lunch

MONDAY Afternoon Bowls 24/6/24

B Kennedy, A Day, D Ryan DEF B Connors, L Wheeler, G Hampson

K Mason, K Taylor, C Christian DEF E Korchma, P Day, H Slater

G Davidson, G Tozer, DEF R Hampson, P Roach

L Mitchell, L Kratz, T Hunter, DEF L Read, N Elford, D Wheeler

B Hunter, S Kennedy DEF J Chapman, J Cherne

TUESDAY – Ladies Social Bowls 25/6/24

TRIPLES: G Pickard, H Dodd, D Tree DEF A Waters, J Poletti, L Wheeler

S Kennedy, M Sharman, J Alford DEF R Lucas, H Muir, D Ide

PAIRS; J Wheeler, N Elford, DEF B Eden, A Day (Won on Ends)

WEDNESDAY – Men’s Social Bowls 25/6/24

B Martin, A Sorbello DEF B Roper T Peel

B Newling, A Baker, G Campbell DEF P Mont, M Jenkins, G Walsh

R Stock, B Martin, P Collins DEF B Stanley, C Attard, L Zecchinati

R Williams, B Fitzpatrick, B Clugston DEF P Cook. J Urge, J Walker

T Brooks, R Cridge, G Denniss DEF W Lewington, N Lamond, L Preston

N Wong, D Anderson, A Berry DEF C Christian, R Rolinson, D Wheeler

L Woods, W Vaughn, J Townsend DEF R Smithers, S Shaw, J Rice

H Slater, B Kennedy, P Warby DEDF P Roach, D Bond, B Meadows

G Fisher, D Frost, N Sillar DF G Hitchen, R Petterson, S Wilkinson

P Bird, Eiberger, M Aujard DEF G Dorrington, B Pemberton, G Grigg

N Kotrozos, J Oates, A Robertson DEF J Chapman, M Cutts, J Murtas

FRIDAY –Open Social Bowls 27/6/24

L Read, A Day, B Fitzpatrick DEF T Lavell. P Cook, B Blight

P Bird, B Cranley, Kev Taylor DEF J Chapman, P Paunovic, P Eiberger

T Karam, G Denniss, J Urge DEF L Woods, B Newling, A Robertson

H Dodd, E Tindall, A Sorbello DEF Ken Taylor, D Ryan, G Hampson

B Hamilton, R Cridge, N Lamond DEF K Sharman, C Christian, A Berry

N Kotrozos, J Oates, R Williams DEF M Cutts, L Zecchinati, W Meadows

G Peel, D Frost, N Sillar DEF K Lowry, G Hitchen, W Bujeya

J Brown, J Smithers, C Attard DEF S Flynn, J Flynn, G Flynn

Greg Campbell, H Slater, L Preston DEF L Mitchell, N Elford, L North

SAWTELL Grade 7 Pennant Side Competed in the State Finals –
On Thursday 26/6/24 the Grade 7 Pennant Side left for Merrylands to contest the State Playoffs – They did extremely well reaching the Semi Finals where, after trailing 28 shots, fought back to draw level late in the game. However the opposition held their nerve and put an end to Sawtell’s Campaign. What a great overall effort by all the team.

Congratulations to the players and all who travelled to Support the team.


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