Woolgoolga dance performers present ‘Billie’, an electrifying tribute to a modern sensation

Naidu Theatre Company in collaboration with Woolgoolga Performing Arts Studio present an all-ages dance show inspired by singer/songwriter Billie Eilish.

NAIDU Theatre Company in collaboration with Woolgoolga Performing Arts Studio (WPAS) are bringing an all-ages dance show inspired by singer/songwriter Billie Eilish to Coffs Harbour in July.

Creative Directors Tegan Haley and Hayley Evans have curated an electrifying 70-minute dance performance born from the music and life of Billie Eilish.

Performed by eight dancers from WPAS aged between sixteen and eighteen, and featuring local guest performer Teo Ross, audiences will experience a blend of neon electric visuals and a variety of dance styles including contemporary, lyrical, commercial jazz, hip-hop, and acro, creating a captivating tapestry of movement and emotion.

Exploring Billie’s themes of self-discovery, resilience and growth, this show transcends entertainment, offering a transformative and inspiring experience for youth.

It’s a celebration of youth, passion, and artistic collaboration, curated to ignite the imaginations of both aspiring dancers and Billie Eilish fans.

WPAS and Naidu Theatre Company Director Jade Naidu told News Of The Area, “The themes and stories Billie Eilish tells through her music are so relatable to everyone, no matter what age you are.

“Each cast member has their own journey that they experience in the show, whether it’s self-doubt, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, etc.

“Experiencing young adult’s vulnerability through movement is a powerful thing to witness,” said Jade.

“There are 70 minutes of absolute magic onstage, no words spoken, yet hearts are moving mountains.

“It is the perfect show for kids, teens and adults.

“No matter who you are, you will go on your own journey with us.”

Cast members Matthew Mcghee and Ella Grace Chowdhury share some magic moments from the show and their journey in the production so far.

“What I believe audiences love most about the show is the moving art,” said Matt.

“Dance itself is already a mega creative art, however this show is like nothing you’ve seen before.

“It’s not like your regular dance concert or show… this is a 70-minute piece of art and expression.”

Ella expects audiences will love being able to witness how each individual connects with the music differently.

“And also, being able to see that when we all come together as one we make magic,” she said.

“Some of my dance idols and inspirations would have to be our very own Miss Tegan and Miss Hayley.

“The choreography is out of this world.

“The mindset and positive attitude they surround us students with, and of course just the never ending hard work that they consistently put into this show and each individual dancer, is so incredible and so inspiring,” said Ella.

The show is creatively directed by the incredible team of Tegan Haley and Hayley Evans – award-winning choreographers who have both worked professionally and locally for many years.

The cast of eight dancers from Woolgoolga and Coffs Harbour are Matthew Mcghee, Seeana Harre, Ella Sinclair, Ella Grace Chowdhury, Lauren Blair, Heidi Blades, Daisy Dusting and Isobel Stockton.

Auditions for the show were held in 2023.

Billie comes to the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium from July 12 to 14.


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