Securing key water and sewerage services on the North Coast

THE NSW Government has announced funding for a range of projects designed to ‘future proof critical water and sewerage services’ on the North Coast.

A total of $2.31 million has been contributed towards the newly completed $2.62 million Nambucca Drought Response project, which has delivered a vital upgrade to Nambucca Shire Council’s treatment plant with a high-tech disinfection system to secure the region’s safe water supply.

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In Kempsey, a funding partnership between the NSW Government and Kempsey Shire Council will deliver designs for an upgraded and centralised sewage treatment plant to replace the three existing plants at West Kempsey, South Kempsey and Frederickton which are no longer fit for purpose.

$1,953,500 from the NSW Government’s Safe and Secure Water Program has now been confirmed to bring this vital piece of infrastructure a step closer to being tender ready, with the remaining $5,860,500 coming from Kempsey Shire Council.

The State Government says the proposed new Central Kempsey Wastewater Treatment Plant will be able to meet future population needs of the region and keep up with stringent national effluent quality requirements.

NSW Minister for Water and NSW Minister for the North Coast Rose Jackson said, “Kempsey is a growing community that continues to attract thousands of visitors every year which is why the NSW Government is coming to the table to ensure the town is better equipped with 21st century infrastructure to unlock economic opportunities moving forward.

“The proposed new Central Kempsey Wastewater Treatment Plant will produce much higher quality effluent that will be maintained to the top industry standard, which is crucial in an environmentally sensitive region like the Mid North Coast.

Mayor of Kempsey Shire Council Leo Hauville said, “The three existing wastewater treatment plants have serviced the Kempsey area for many years.

“Over the coming years they will be replaced with modern and more efficient equipment.

“Slimming down from three plants to one will provide better service to the community.

“It’s great news that our incredibly dedicated Water and Sewer staff will have the necessary modern facilities with sewage management for the Kempsey area at the one location.

“Planning work is already underway to ensure we are ticking all the right boxes and getting the details right from the outset.

“We’ll continue to keep locals informed every step of the way.”

The NSW Government is also funding $392,000 towards the completed $811,000 concept designs and pre-tender works for the Evans Head Sewage Treatment Plant Augmentation as part of Richmond Valley Shire Council’s long-term plans to double the plant’s capacity to cater for population growth.

An additional $230,000 was pledged to drill two new bores in Bonalbo, with one already commissioned to supplement the town’s existing water supply during drought.

The funding also installed two new bores in Tabulam, ready to be commissioned if and when they’re needed.

$115,000 was provided to deliver detailed designs of the proposed Dorrigo Water Treatment Plant upgrade, with the other funding half coming from Bellingen Shire Council, while $62,500 has been funded to bring the replacement Grafton North Sewage Treatment Plant to tender ready phase, with Clarence Valley Council funding the remaining $187,500.

“As Minister for the North Coast, it’s really important to me that these regions have what they need for the future and that’s what our funding is also delivering for Nambucca, Evans Head, Bonalbo, Dorrigo and Grafton,” Ms Jackson said.

“With the region already impacted by another El Nino weather pattern we’re putting our money where our mouth is and investing in work that will lock-in long term water security and quality for these towns.”

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