SPORT:Hawks Nest Golf club


Hawks Nest Golf club


Wednesday Mens Stableford

  1. Grade A. Werchanowski 38 Pts
  2. Grade R. Jacobsen 41 Pts

Wednesday Ladies Stabeford

Winner C. Guest 33 Pts

Wednesday 2BBB

  1. Werchanowski & F. Smedley 48 Pts
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Saturday Mens Stroke

  1. Grade M. Parker 71 Nett
  2. Grade T. Clarke 71 Nett C/B
  3. Grade Al. Limbury 74 Nett C/B

Saturday Ladies Stroke

  1. Grade Y. Pittman 75 Nett C/B
  2. Grade L. Ingram 73 Nett

Club championships

  1. Grade W. Jones
  2. Grade A. Reynolds
  3. Grade L. Campton

Sunday Mens Stableford

Winner K. Taylor 38 Pts

Sunday Ladies Stableford 35 Pts

Winners S. Campbell 35 Pts

Sunday 2BBB

Winners K & F Taylor 43 Pts



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