Stinker’s Fishin’: Time to catch a mulloway

Local champ Benny Doolan with a Fingal Bay thumper.

SUMMER fishing in Port Stephens means flathead, whiting, mulloway and crabs inside the Port, and snapper and mulloway over the reefs and whiting and mulloway off the beaches.

The one constant is the mighty mulloway which is an amazing fish that can be caught in less than one metre of water or down deep on the wider reefs. Mulloway also patrol the beaches searching for small whiting, pipis and worms.

The most productive beaches are Stockton, One Mile and Fingal, where a 25kg thumper was reported recently.

On the beach, fishing for whiting with worms with a light line and small hook, your chances of landing a mulloway are always good if you stay in control and not panic.

Take your time and walk along the beach with the fish not applying too much pressure.

The fish will tire before you – in most cases.

Take extra care when the big fish rolls in the shallows.

Remember, the beach ramp for boat launching in Kiddies Corner, Fingal, will be closed to all traffic from a week before Christmas until the end of the school holidays in January.

Although it is an inconvenience to me, I fully support the closure as it is time for visiting families to enjoy the beach without worrying about trucks, boats and jet skis.

By John ‘Stinker’ CLARKE

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