Stinker’s History: The Asquith clan (part three)

Fishermen could do anything. Charlie Asquith hard at work.

FISHERMEN could do anything in the early days.

They often had to as mechanics, doctors, dentists and certainly veterinarians were rarely seen.

One such fisherman, Charlie Asquith, has a hundred stories.

“I was talking to Vic Whitney down the pub and I was telling him that I had a cat and I wanted him docked,” Charlie said.

“No problem,” said Vic.

“Bring him around and I’ll do him in the morning.”

“How will I get him down there?” Charlie quizzed.

“Just put him in a sugar bag, he’ll be right,” Vic said, seeming to know what he was talking about.

When Charlie arrived at Vic’s place he shook the cat to the bottom and cut a little hole in the bag with his pocket knife.

He pulled his “little knackers” through the hole and just went zip.

“That’s it,” said the bush vet.

“When you get home just open the bag and stand clear when you let him out.

“He won’t be real happy.”

“Neither would I be,” Charlie winced.

Charlie gathered the kids together and told them to get ready to let the cat out of the bag.

“When he is let out he’s gonna go like a rocket,” Charlie said.

The kids were scared stiff of what was expected to be a crazed cat.

“The family cringed in the corner of the room and out came the cat… all he did was meow and rub up against my leg,” Charlie said.

“Another successful operation.”

By John ‘Stinker’ CLARKE

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