Tanilba Senior Citizens Centre offers options

Sue Mc Donnell all cued up and looking for a snooker partner.
Sue Mc Donnell all cued up and looking for a snooker partner.


DO you find yourself ‘snookered’? In a bit of a rut with each day the same as the last?

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Is the highlight of your day a visit by the mailman or a friendly chat with a shopkeeper?

If this is the case, Tanilba Senior Citizens Centre might just open up your world to interesting and engaging possibilities – something to wake for with eager anticipation.

The centre goes back some 43 years when a tin shed (an old roadside shop) was given over for the use by the town’s seniors.

Since then it has been rebuilt, extended and modified. The gardens have just been refurbished and look beautiful.

“We are in no way prescriptive,” President Sue McDonnell said.

“Currently, we offer cards, indoor bowls, line dancing, indoor bowls and movies. There is also a large library and a full sized billiard table in our annexe.”

“Some people just like to sit and chat in a friendly informal atmosphere and have a cup of tea,” she said.

“It’s all about moving with the times. We are all ears when it comes to innovation. As long as members support a new activity, we will put it on.”

So, there you have it: It’s up to you to help yourself. Got any ideas? Bungee jumping from the rafters? A pub quizz? Badminton, perhaps some advanced computer games?

All possibilities will be considered. Remember, if you don’t use it you lose it.

Contact Sue on 49823648 for details or check out the sign in front of the building down by the foreshore in Tanilba Road.


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