Tea Gardens Thursday Walker Group in Newcastle

The group along the Newcastle water front.
The group along the Newcastle water front.


Dear News Of The Area,
A FEW rain spots did not dampen the enthusiasm of those of us who headed down to Newcastle to walk from Nobby’s Beach along the coast to Merewether last Thursday.
There are few cities blessed with such a magnificent natural setting and it is gratifying to see that the much hyped beautification of Newcastle seems to be picking up pace.

Coal and heavy industry have been a blessing and a curse to the area.

Whilst providing much needed employment and economic opportunities, one can’t help wondering if the price paid by the environment and long time residents of the area has been too high.

BHP gone but not forgotten, and not always in a positive way.
Our group found four hour free parking at Nobby’s beach and walked along the beach path past the heritage listed Newcastle Ocean Baths.

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Not only a great place for a quick dip but also THE place to sample a Pluto pup. If you have never tasted one it is probably best you don’t start now.

A batter covered frankfurter on a stick, deep fried and smothered in tomato sauce. We proceeded past Newcastle beach, Bar Beach, Dixon Park to arrive in time for lunch at  Merewether Ocean Baths.

Part of the walk took in the spectacular Newcastle’s Memorial Walk which has a personal connection for thousands of locals.
The walk was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli in 1915 and the commencement of steel making in Newcastle; it acts as a magnificent memorial to the men and women of the Hunter who served their community and their country.

Helen Watkins

Thursday Walkers Group

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