Through the Window exhibition on display at the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre

Members of the Spinning and Weaving Group, Di Adamson and Melanie Delaney, with some of the works on exhibition.

THE Port Stephens Community Arts Centre is running an exhibition that will not only keep you warm in winter but will also stimulate your mind.

On display until 27 June is the ‘Through the Window’ exhibition, which explores the world beyond the pane of glass.

“This is a thought-provoking exploration of the theme of the window,” Meryl Miller from the Arts Centre told News Of The Area.

“The artwork in the exhibition invites viewers to think about the window as a portal to another world, a place of beauty and wonder, and a space for reflection and contemplation.”

Also on exhibition is a showcase of the Spinning and Weaving Group who practise the art of textile making.

“We invite people to visit the display of beautiful work that can be created from the variety of textiles from natural fibres, such as wool, cotton, and silk.

“There are plenty of cosy items for winter – with a good selection of warm woollen beanies and some interesting wraps, cowls and scarves,” she said.

All of the knitted items are lovingly made using hand spun and often hand dyed natural fibres.

There is an excellent selection of woven scarves made with man-made natural fibres such as tencel; a regenerated cellulose.

The Port Stephens Community Arts Centre is located on Cultural Close adjacent to the Neil Carroll Park in Nelson Bay.


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