LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: All that glitters is not gold

DEAR News Of The Area,

THERE is no gold in the pot, just a great big black hole at the end of that ugly green building in Gordon Street.

The ratepayers were not considered or even given a voice.

Sad to say they are the ones who will be financing the ugly and totally out of place building for generations to come.

Users of the most commonly used library would appreciate advice on where they are to park in this already crowded location.

The other two facilities, ie the Gallery and Museum are not patronised to anywhere near the same extent.

As for the ‘Ivory Tower’ at the top it is my understanding the current Council Chambers were purpose built to enable a further two floors to be constructed at a future date when required. Apparently Councillor’s considered they were entitled to a lofty and luxurious location and of course there will be adjacent parking for them too!

It is to be wondered just where our fair citizens fit into this costly and unattractive edifice.

No amount of cosmetics will detract from the overall eyesore.

What is the Council planning for the CBD and the empty retail shops?

No good going there, there is little parking available.

Kindest regards,
North Boambee VALLEY.

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