U3A Fishing For Fun

Anna’s prize bream.

LET’S go fishing, let’s go to the Kalang River at Urunga and let’s catch bream and flathead.

This strategy went to plan even if there was only one bream and one flathead.

The tide was low and in the process of turning.

We knew it was going to be a slow start so for the first few hours we just enjoyed the moment, the clear blue skies, the sunny and warm day.

The U3A anglers displayed new enthusiasm after a pep talk over morning tea.

Anna was the first to call for the photographer when she caught a bream.

It was not the biggest in the Kalang River but it fought like a champion.

Not to be outdone, Pam yelled out a whoopee and wound in a flathead without even getting out of her chair.

The expected surge in fish didn’t continue so we all settled back into our meditation mode.

Phil did catch a consolation flathead late in the morning.

Without a doubt Pam caught the best fish of the day.

Most of the crew stayed for lunch, which is always a fitting end to the morning.

If you would like to join this group just contact Greg Artlett on 0427689400.

We meet at a variety of locations on the last Friday of the month.


Pam’s flathead.

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