Urunga Art Space creates outdoor gallery with Brush Strokes

Brush Strokes is created along the outside wall of Art Space Urunga in a gallery first.

THE Art Space Urunga’s latest installation is no ordinary art exhibition, with an incredible panel of paintings now adorning the exterior wall of the gallery along Bowra Street.

“For some years we’ve been pondering what to do with that wall,” Art Space gallery spokesperson Christine Wilson told News Of The Area of the ‘Brush Strokes’ initiative.

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“We rejected another mural, because the town already has two excellent examples, and we also didn’t want to narrow the opportunity to one or two artists.”

The original idea came from Linda Coomber, the Art Space gallery manager, who during her teaching career used this idea with her students on a school wall.

The objective was an outdoor gallery which can be changed after a time to allow for new works to be installed.

“We had a stunning response from the artists, with 36 submitted works,” said Christine.

With a fresh coat of paint earlier in the week, the 36 works were installed on Saturday 4 May.

The consensus of opinion is that the collective artworks look “absolutely wonderful” and have made a major difference to the look of the building, as well as adding impact to the streetscape.

The project benefited from a $2,400 grant from the Creative Place Making Fund through Bellingen Shire Council.

This stipulated that the project would be something arts related which would benefit the community.

“The grant paid for the paint, battens and hardware as well as the marine ply boards and a token payment for each artist to help with the cost of paint,” Christine said.

All of the labour and installation was done by gallery volunteers.

“The council has been very supportive and enthusiastic, with an article in the yearly newsletter to all ratepayers, and the reaction on social media has been incredible, with massive positive feedback.

“There will be an official launch, as soon as we have a plaque made acknowledging the grant.”

Art Space management thank Geoff McSkimming for his long hours of work and total commitment to the project; Chris Wynne, Bruce Gilchrist and Hugh Wade for wielding paintbrushes, screws and power tools; Chris Wilson for curating the panels, ably assisted by Elle Holliday; Rosie Wickert for her expertise in putting together the grant application and the talented artists who so graciously contributed their artworks to this project.

“Thank you all for being part of our first ‘outdoor gallery’,” said Christine.

“One of the best things about Brush Strokes is that it will be an ongoing project, so if you missed out on a panel this time, there will be other opportunities to contribute to the wall.”

Inside the gallery there’s a key to the artworks’ artists as not all the signatures are clear.


Brush Strokes shows the work of 36 artists along the Bowra Street wall of Art Space Urunga gallery.

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