Students from Tea Gardens and Pindimar tour China

On 7 April, seventy eight children from the Hunter School of the Performing Arts Marching Band, at Broadmeadow,  along with forty parents and teachers went on a cultural tour to China.

Susie Webb, Myisha Edmonds and Hannah Webb.

Three local girls in the Marching Band come from Tea Gardens and Pindimar.

Susie Webb, Myisha Edmonds and Hannah Webb have said some of the Major highlights of the trip were performing in front of 2000 school students at a top Public School in Xian and also climbing The Great Wall.

The band performed at places including  Disneyland Hong Kong,  The Ancient Wall in Xian, the Great Wall in Bejing and at five high schools.

The twelve day tour was packed with performances, sightseeing, four flights and two bullet train rides it was a very jam packed schedule.

The cultural experience was magnificent and all the children and adults involved have gained some wonderful  memories.

The children had a very memorable experience learning the culture and mixing with other high school musicians.

Many of the students exchanged contact details to keep in touch.


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