$350K and Passion to Create a New Vibrant Anna Bay Starting with a 7 Day Makeover

The Anna Bay Next team with Tomaree Business Chamber President Leah Anderson. Photo by Marian Sampson.


ANNA Bay has something to celebrate.

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After a unanimous vote by all councillors to allocate $350,00 towards a 7 day makeover of the Anna Bay Business Precinct.

The funds were allocated after Tomaree Business Chamber’s President Leah Anderson addressed the Council Meeting.

Leah Anderson Told News Of THe Area, “The Tomaree Business Chamber under it’s business precinct connect program, linked with the Anna Bay community earlier this year to listen to the needs of the community and to Advocate for them.

“From this, Anna Bay Next Wave (ABNW) committee has formed as a precinct of the chamber.

“Representing the ABNW committee, I presented at Public Access to raise awareness and request $350,000.00 in funding for the rejuvenation of Anna Bay Town Centre, requesting projects including an official 7 day makeover & planting trees around the Anna Bay resort to make the entrance to Anna Bay more appealing.”

Chamber and the community urged council to consider that Port Stephens Council Strategy and Town plan for Anna Bay from 2008 noted “The fragmented built form does not define the street space or contribute to good pedestrian amenity.

More than a decade later, this is still the state of play.

There are currently many local businesses for sale in Anna Bay’s town centre indicating a lack of business confidence.

“Anna Bay has long been regarded as the areas “poor cousin” despite it’s stunning natural landscape due to a neglected town centre.”

The funds and makeover will give Anna Bay a much needed boost and pave the way for increased business, consumer and community confidence.

“Anna Bay is the gateway to many popular tourist activities and improvements to the town centre are long overdue.

“We are thrilled to have Port Stephens Council agree and a unanimous vote from all ward councillors to vote yes for the $350k allocation and an official 7 day makeover from David Engwicht and creative communities international.,” she said.

Chamber will now work on pulling together residents, local business owners, schools and community associations to volunteer to work together to create the best 7 day makeover ever!

She believes that the 7 day Makeover is just be the beginning of the journey for the residents and businesses of Anna Bay.

The committee of Anna Bay Next Wave is already gearing up and they have plans to take Anna Bay to the next level.

Anna Bay Next Wave is focused on supporting and delivering key projects to the area.

The Group is united in their goal to revitalise, protect and maintain Anna Bay, through facilitating upgrades to the town centre and surrounds and creating an environment that instils community pride, recognises the growing number of families, attracts visitors, and ensures local businesses thrive.

Anna Bay Next Wave will represent the community and deliver projects starting with the 7 day makeover and they see no end in sight to the opportunities that can be created for Anna Bay.



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