A fairytale reunion for long separated mother and daughter

All’s well that ends well. Judy, Geoff and Louise in Lemon Tree Passage.


IN these uncertain times it’s enlightening to hear an inspiring story that lifts us out of the gloom and leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling and in some cases a tear in our eye.

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To set the scene for our tale we have to backtrack to 1962.

These times were very different to the open and permissive social ones of today.

Children were raised in a strict way where obedience was the iron rule and the word of adults was law.

It was in such an environment that a then 16 year old girl, now Judy Camm, found herself in a Catholic home for unmarried mothers with her infant daughter being taken from her arms.

Nothing more was said about the matter and she was sent home to get on with her life.

Fast forward some 25 years and a certain Louise Wilkins heard family rumours which suggested she was an adopted child.

When questioned, her adoptive parents told her the truth and Louise was given the documentation.

Then began her tentative correspondence with her birth mother Judy, which led to an emotional reunion.

There were a lot of tears as the pain of the past melted away and the two became firm friends.

“I was welcomed with open arms into a whole new family,” said Louise.

“There was no shame felt on either side and Judy’s husband Geoff and I got on well.

“We both refer to one another as ‘Number One’,” Louise added.

Judy’s greatest worry was that her daughter had been cared for over the years.

“I was greatly relieved that Louise had been taken in by a caring, loving family and had a happy life,” she said.

Judy’s husband Geoff said he has identified similar mannerisms in the two women.

“They are just like two peas in a pod,” Geoff said.

Louise lives in New Zealand but has just recently come to Australia to tour the coast and inland with her partner.

Her home base is Lemon Tree Passage.

Judy reflects on her experience of all those years ago.

“They were very different times which reflected the attitudes of the day.

“We are all prisoners of our upbringing and my experience was not unusual.

“In fact, my aunt (her mother’s sister) had a daughter who was in the same predicament as me.

“Neither of them knew about the other until the truth was revealed many years later,” she said.



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