A mixed bag for Tilligerry fishing

A lone migrant wader looking for food at Tanilba Bay.
A lone migrant wader looking for food at Tanilba Bay.


IT’S been something of a mixed bag recently around the foreshores and in the waters of Tiligerry.

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Sadly, there has been a steady decline of migrant birds which forage in the tidal zone and the mud-flats. This has been evident for many years and there is a reason for this.

Sandpipers, tattlers, snipe, curlews and godwits are just some of the avian visitors which escape the northern winter to visit our shores to bulk up during the summer months.

They then fly north to countries such as Japan, Russia and North America. Along the way they ‘refuel’ at similar sites in Asia but here lies the problem. Many of these stop-off beaches and salt marshes have disappeared as the waterfront sites have been backfilled to build tourist resorts. Put simply, a lot of the birds die from starvation.

On a brighter note, local anglers are doing very well despite the lack of a big ‘fresh’ flushing the crabs and fish out the estuarine backwaters and creeks into the saltier waters of the Port.

Look at the photo. This was sent in by a local recreational fisherman. He normally cleans up big time on mud crabs but with the blue swimmers making a run, he set his pots around North Arm Cove. He then flicked a baited line in and around the oyster racks on the incoming tide. Here he nailed an extra large long Tom (which he released) and a very big Flathead (which busted him up). He also caught Bream and another lizard. Returning to his traps he ended the day with a respectable haul of blue swimmers.

Easter is the prime time for fishing in local waters. Perhaps it’s time to dust off the fishing gear, check the outboard and get ready for some action.




Results of a morning's fishing for one lucky local.
Results of a morning’s fishing for one lucky local.

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