ADVERTISING FEATURE: Age and experience is no barrier to learning to dance


THE biggest obstacles for Seniors dancing is the lack of confidence due to age, feelings of inexperience and lack of self assurance.

At the Julie Ross Dance studio we have a class to suit you and our very experienced and caring teachers will help and support you take that first step.

All you need to be a dance enthusiast is to love music, have a willingness to participate, not take yourself too seriously, and as it does help to have a sense of humour.

The classes offered at our studio for Seniors are our very popular tap classes for beginners on Tuesday mornings with a new basic beginner class for ultimate beginners starting soon, and a class for those with a bit of experience on Wednesday evenings.

Dancefit on Monday mornings, and in the new class on Wednesday mornings, is a great class to get fit and dance to your favourite tunes.

The class has an aerobic flowing dance component and then when everyone is warm incorporates a strength and flexibility component with bands done in a safe way from the floor and the barre.

There is an option to stay only 30mins for the dance section.

You need a reasonable amount of fitness for this class but it’s not too hectic.

Our newest seated dance and movement class for men and women is on Mondays at 1pm and is for Seniors who need a bit more stability and support.

The class is done mostly from a seated position with some work on the barre however with both teachers supporting, some can work from the chair while others are at the barre.

Members can tune in online with zoom if they are unable to attend in Coffs Harbour.

The emphasis is on creating dance to music in a fun and achievable way using imagination and artistry.

The class is taught by Suzanne McCarty who is an experienced ballet, Gyrokinesis, Pilates and Yoga teacher, and Julie Ross who has taught and directed Julie Ross Dance Studio for over 30 years.

Both teachers studied the course together in Melbourne for Parkinsons Dance Australia and are now opening up the classes for other Seniors who would benefit from this style of class.

Please call Julie on 0402137171 for more information or email

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