ADVERTISING FEATURE: Budget Bathroom Boosters for First Home Owners

Make the most of your bathroom without breaking the bank.


AS you sign the papers to your new home, the excitement and the desire to include your personal flair can sometimes result in the budget slipping out of control.

However, there are some simple and affordable ways to add personal touches to your new space without breaking the bank.

Feature Friendly

Feature walls need not be reserved for the living room or bedroom.

Be it wallpaper or tiles, geometric patterns are certainly ‘in’, especially hexagonal or chevron designs.

Mixed materials such as natural stone or timber are a crowd favourite too, and for good reason.

We suggest a timber grain vanity or cabinet to draw the eye – the warmth from the wood will offset the cold look and feel of the bathroom tiling.

Make a Statement (or maybe two)

Why spend more than you need to?

If your new bathroom is in relatively good shape then it may only need a few additions to elevate the overall look.

Consider upgrading your accessories, shower head, tapware or mirror – these small additions will inject new life into the space and won’t blow your budget into the stratosphere.

To top it off, having new lush towels creates a luxurious hotel vibe so you’ll feel like you’re staying in a five star hotel every night.

Simplify and Greenify

No matter which room of the house, integrating a few touches of lush greenery never fails to uniquely enhance a space, giving it a brighter and fresher feel.

Plants like orchids, peace lilies and bamboo flourish in low light, high humidity and warm temperatures, making them perfect for the bathroom environment – opt for a textured material or patterned pot to draw the attention of the eye.

Meet Matte

Matte black bathroom accessories have become a timeless trend – this is due to their simplicity.

A matte black theme in one’s bathroom can easily be adopted through the tapware, shower head, towel rack, toilet paper holder and soap dispenser.

Save Space with Open Space

While storage is absolutely essential for any bathroom, the installation of extra cabinets can become costly and clutter the room. Consider opting for open shelving or ladder style shelving – they create the illusion of more space and your wallet will thank you.

For a more spacious feel, consider a frameless shower screen for a sleek, new-age look.


By Rod BALDOCK from Highgrove Bathrooms Coffs Harbour

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