Advertising feature: Do you know the difference between a photograph and a snapshot?


THE basis of photography is capturing an image using light.

How simple does that sound?

Ask any photographer about capturing the perfect shot and they will tell you that it is not that simple and can sometimes take years to master.

People always say when you take a good photo “you must have a good camera” but it’s not the equipment you use, it is knowing how to use the equipment you have.

If you know the fundamentals of photography, it can elevate you from taking snapshots to taking photographs.

Photography is like most hobbies or vocations in that once you start to learn about the art, you find there is so much more to learn.

The only limit to photography is your knowledge and imagination.

The more you learn, the more fun you can have.

With ever-changing technology and equipment, you will always find there is something new to entice you.

Sometimes with the new technology it can be quite confusing and overwhelming.

New digital SLR cameras have a multitude of dials and menus which once explained can take your creativity to the next level so you can take photographs not snapshots!

Modern cameras capture a massive amount of detail that you don’t always see when you look at an image on your camera.

With today’s software you have the ability to bring out your photo’s full potential.

Do you know how to find that one photo you are looking for?

How many hundreds, maybe thousands of photos have you taken or will take in your lifetime?

Have you thought about cataloguing before it gets out of control?

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