Author Miriam Verbeek has released her final book in the Songs of Si’Empra Trilogy

Author Miriam Verbook has self-publishhed her third book Si”Empra’s Queen.


LOCAL author Miriam Verbeek has self-published the third book in her trilogy Songs of Si’Empra and it is getting great reviews.

The series comprises three books – Skyseeker’s Princess, Cryptal’s Champion and Si’Empra’s Queen.

Ms Verbeek told News Of The Area the genre is literary (low magic) fantasy with an audience focus on women over eighteen.

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“It does cross genres, having been heralded as women’s fiction, coming of age, action and adventure, alternative history and low magic.”

Ms Verbeek said the latest book has received a Book Excellence Award and five star ratings by Goodreads and Amazon readers.

Miriam has used her extensive background in academia and managerial consulting to craft a story that’s entertaining, full of adventure, insightful and satisfyingly profound.

She has written in some form all throughout her life.

“I have drawers full of my stories but it wasn’t till I hit sixty that I thought to get really serious about doing something about it and to craft the stories into novels that others could read.

“By then, self-publishing had really taken off so I learnt how to do that and I am still learning about the ins and outs of self publishing.”

As a writer she is also a wide reader.

“I’m a very eclectic reader of both fiction and non-fiction,” she said.

“I especially like reading books that connect me to the characters whether that’s the author or the fictional ones,” said Miriam.

“In the Songs of Si’Empra, the people are those you might meet, with all their loves and hates, ambitions and failings.

“I’m not into black and white nor grey.

“I don’t believe in evil but I do believe that we are all capable of doing bad things,” she added.

The first book in the series, Skyseeker’s Princess, tells the story of how a highborn young woman escapes the abuse of her brother.

She looks for a quieter life but, instead, is drawn increasingly into a better understanding of the societies and environment of the Antarctic island of Si’Empra.

Impetuous, and with a strong sense of justice, she triggers a set of circumstances that drag her, in the second book of the series, Cryptal’s Champion, into an ever closer confrontation with the very people she escaped from.

In Si’Empra’s Queen she is in charge.

The Songs of Si’Empra trilogy is available from your favourite e-book store, your local library and bookstores.


By Sandra MOON


Author Miriam Verbook has self-publishhed her third book Si”Empra’s Queen.

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