Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival launches impressive line-up of authors for the June long weekend event

The Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival 2021 – noted authors in conversation and signing copies.


THE BELLINGEN Readers & Writers Festival bounces back on June 11-13.

The program of speakers includes a smorgasbord of award-winning authors including a political correspondent, an array of teachers, a United Nations copywriter and an ex-regional nurse.

Marry those talents with the gamut of genres and categories, from crime to children’s stories, from love and loss, from environmental issues to spec-fi, and we have a feast of facts and fictions.

The program just went live and ticket sales are exceeding expectations.

Highlights promised include seeing William McInnes chatting with Claire Hooper, an amazing discussion between Rohan Wilson, Mirandi Riwoe and Courtney Collins, a unique conversation and performance from Kirsten Krauth, Mikelangelo and Paul McDermott, and meeting koala champion Kailas Wild.

There’ll be discussions on the fate of the planet with Bob Brown, Julian Burnside and Barrie Cassidy.

It’s an exceptional line-up and there are less seats, taking COVID-restrictions into account.

However, the organisers have restructured the schedule so if you miss out on one session you can catch your favourite author in another associated session.

The new venue is Bellingen Showground.

Here there will be three main venues plus the Local Author Showcase.

In true festival style there are food trucks, live music and a drinks bar.

The Book Warehouse is the official book seller with copies of each author’s work onsite.

Author signings will take place alongside this in a dedicated space.

Adam Norris, Head of Festival Programming said, “I think what has excited people the most is that it’s not just the festival that they’ve seen in the past, although that has always been one of the highlights of the year, but it’s now this whole new beast with music, art, performance, the works.

“And even if we’re saying so ourselves, the line-up is pretty amazing – I can’t wait to see these guests in the flesh, and given we’ve broken our previous records for early ticket sales, we’re clearly not the only ones!”

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