Big rainfalls recorded in Port Stephens and Myall Coast

A rare break from the deluge in Shoreline Drive, Tea Gardens. Photo: Judy Gilbert.


IT doesn’t take a meteorologist to realise the Myall Coast and Port Stephens regions saw a lot of rainfall in the past week or so, but how much did we actually get?

Tea Gardens resident Geoff True’s rain gauge recorded 535 millimetres in 5 days, close to 40 percent of the mean annual rainfall for the area.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, from Thursday 18 March 2021, to the time of writing (Monday 22 March 2021 at 1pm), the weather station at Williamtown RAAF recorded 331 millimetres (mm) of rainfall.

This included a peak of 96.4mm on Friday 19 March.

Prior to this period of consistent rainfall, Williamtown had experienced 69mm of rainfall from March 1 to March 18.
The mean (average) rainfall for March at the Williamtown RAAF is 120mm.

In Nelson Bay, 539.6mm of rain was recorded in the first 20 days of March, with 457.9mm recorded in just three days between 18-20 March.

This included a peak of 202.5mm on Friday 19 March.

At the Stroud Post Office, 233.4mm has been recorded for the month to date, including 106.8mm on Friday 19 March,
The mean rainfall for Stroud in March is 145.6mm.

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