Big things ahead for Myall Coast Radio in 2021

Myall Coast Radio Director of Programming Maggie Nadal with Station President Chris Lock.


SINCE first hitting airwaves in September 2020, Myall Coast Radio has been delighting locals with its mix of great music, local perspectives, and familiar presenters.

Now, nearly seven months on from that initial on-air broadcast, Myall Coast Radio President Chris Lock says the station is ready to go from strength to strength in 2021.

Mr Lock said the stations committee and volunteers are working hard to continuously improve the quality and diversity of content on 87.8FM.

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“We have about 5 or 6 presenters at the moment, with the same amount in the pipeline,” Mr Lock said.

“We have also started to network, to create specific content for specific programs, which is absolutely fantastic.”

Mr Lock said to expect a range of new shows and presenters to be added in coming months.

“We now do the news content every hour, then we also are out there doing a lot of other things in terms in the community.

“We are looking to get out there with content that we believe the community will want to hear.

“Things about lifestyle, sports, hobbies.

“We are also introducing some local personalities,” Mr Lock said.

With the recent arrival of extra recording equipment, the studio is now equipped to do live interviews.

In future, Mr Lock would like to see ‘roving reporters’ in the field, bringing interviews with the community to our local airwaves.

Another recent addition to the station’s programming, is the reading of Myall Coast News Of The Area on air on a Friday morning at 10am.

“This will be a great boost for people who have some difficulty with reading.

“They will be able to get their local news.”

After handling the station’s launch in 2020, Mr Lock credited the success to the hard-working and experienced committee.

“Obviously it’s a very dedicated team on the committee.

“We have raised over $100,000 through seed funding, fundraising and advertising, which in the pandemic climate is quite good.

“The people we have on the committee have come from broadcasting backgrounds and from a high level of business, so we have a good balance.”

As the station grows, so does the need for volunteers, and Mr Lock welcomes the community to get involved.

“We have a great team of volunteers but are always looking for more people to help out.

“Our membership is sitting at close to 70 people, and membership costs $10 per year.”



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