Bob Macklinshaw Tea Gardens opinion on Energy and Super



Dear News Of The Area,

I’D be confident that the majority of Australians have little, or no confidence in the plans for future adequate, reliable and affordable base load energy supply; and they are pessimistic about the prospects of necessary serious reduction in the current energy costs.

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But I’d be confident that the majority of workers would be happy to see at least some, (a fixed percentage) of their employer funded superannuation, is directed towards the construction of either a low emission coal fired power plant, or alternatively a nuclear power supply source.

This could be made more attractive to workers if, the original start-up costs were met on the basis of allocation of shares to workers with superannuation and the shortfall subsidised as an interim measure by the government shares.

The Governments shares would be compulsorily acquired by the members with a transfer of specific proportions of their superannuation funds for the shares, on an on-going annual basis, until wholly publicly owned.

This would enable the worker at some point to sell their shares after the acquisition of a fixed number of shares, (retaining an adequate superannuation component for retirement) as distinct from the current arrangements where, in most cases, all their funds disappear into a lottery dip black hole and accessible generally only upon retirement (superannuation funds lost squillions in the Global Financial Crisis).

Bob Macklinshaw
Tea Gardens

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