Bulahdelah Skatepark Finally Finished and Rolling Along After Long Delays

Complete! The New Bulahdelah Skatepark


LONG awaited plans to build a new skatepark at Alum Mountain Park in Bulahdelah are finally coming to a close.

The ‘sub-standard’ skatepark in town has finally been superseded by the new smooth polished concrete park, with only landscaping surrounding the vegetation to be completed.

The monumental construction of the park is thanks to the generous donation of the Bulahdelah Lions Club which raised $181,000 to renovate the space.

Midcoast council also spent $79,000 on the project which has been more than two years in the making.

In the creation process, young people became the driving force behind the design of the park to come up with a plan which will fit all skating abilities.

Construction of the new park got underway in February and expected to be completed in eight to ten weeks but was halted twice by COVID-19 border closures with Queensland.

The new park now replaces the old showground park which sports cracks and loose unsealed concrete.

Local skater Matthew Samiri said as he rolled onto the park for the first time, “this is so much better.”

The unfinished landscaping will resume construction when contractors return to the park in January and February.

Carpark upgrades will also be completed causing some disruptions to using the amazing new facilities.




Matthew Samiri rolling onto the new ramps


The dilapidated skatepark at Bulahdelah Showground

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