Caring For Wildlife During Extreme Weather


Residents of Port Stephens are being urged to keep an eye on the weather and think of the wildlife on days with extreme heat.

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All animals are at risk of dehydration, just as we are.

The team from Port Stephens Koalas are urging people who live near the bush to “Pop a bowl of water out away from your dog’s bowl!”

There are other things you can do to help animals particularly koalas over the summer.

Koalas can drown in a pool, so a stout rope being draped into your pool could be a lifesaver.

If you see a Koala needing care call 0418 PSKOALAS or 0418 775 625 in Port Stephens.

Port Stephens Koalas spokesperson urged drivers to “Please slow down if driving, especially from dusk to dawn, and keep an eye out for koalas, they have no road sense at all and are hard to see at night.”

Rescues of koalas are more common wherever habitat has been disturbed.

We have had several calls to the Medowie region in the last month, the first in many years.

As areas continue to be developed, koalas will be seen in the middle of suburbia, as well as on roads, as they try to find mates during breeding season and will come to grief on roads, and with dogs, as they travel.

Male koalas in spring roam looking for mates and at this time they are often spotted crossing roads.

Young males are particularly at risk as they need to find their own territory away from others.

If a koala is involved in a vehicle strike it is important that they receive care.

Port Stephens Koalas believe it is important that koalas are not chased up trees after they are hit, as they can climb even when severely injured.

While the construction of Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary and Hospital is underway, Port Stephens Koalas do not have an income stream to help us with our ongoing care and medical expenses, fuel for rescues and leafing trips, or any other day-to-day items.

We still need the community’s financial support.

Please adopt, donate, become a volunteer or even buy one of our Koala Carer’s Books a great gift. All items can be purchased on the



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