Christmas Message For All Port Stephens From Reverend David Davies

Reverend Davies prepares for his Christmas services.


MERRY Christmas!

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It is a busy time of the year as school winds down, end of year concerts are held, gift buying frenzies occur in the shops, and children are excited for the big man in red’s arrival.

News Of The Area caught up with Reverend David ‘Davo’ Davies from the Anglican Parish of Medowie, Mallabula, and Williamtown.

Rev. Davies told New Of The Area, “Christmas can be a fun time of year.”

“We spend time together, give each other presents, and eat lots of fun food.” “But almost nothing wrecks Christmas more than the dreaded message on the outside of a present.”

“It could be on the outside of anything, maybe a new drone, or a remote controlled car, or doll from a recent movie like Frozen 2.”

“For me, when I was a kid, it was when I got my Hot Wheels track with power boost.”

“The message on the box was batteries not included.”

“What? No batteries? How can I play with my new toy?”

“The batteries were what made it work.”

“Without the batteries, it wasn’t as fun, or as exciting.”

“The birth of Jesus is like those batteries.”

“Christmas without Jesus is like that car set without batteries, it isn’t as good.”

“Jesus is what makes Christmas work.”

“Jesus is what gives Christmas meaning.”

“He is the reason for the season.”

With the bushfires raging in parts of NSW, Rev Davies was assigned by the Anglican Church to visit these communities and to provide comfort to the victims.

Rev Davies told News Of The Area, “We have had some truly awful events happen in the past few months.”

“I spent some time recently as a Chaplain in a fire evacuation centre up on the north coast.”

“Some of the people there had lost everything.”

“So as you celebrate Christmas this year, spare a thought for those who have lost everything, and donate something to one of the many funds set up to help them, or to a Firies Fund, for those people who give up their time and their safety to fight fires.”

“Because at Christmas we celebrate that Jesus came to do the same thing, to save us.”

“The last thing that you can do is put a bit of Jesus back into Christmas this year.”

“Visit a local church as they celebrate Christmas.”

“Spend a bit of time thinking about why God sent his son, here to earth, and make sure that your Christmas comes with batteries included.”

Service times at the Anglican Church: Medowie Christmas Eve 8pm; Williamtown Christmas Day 8am; and Mallabula Christmas Day 10am.


By Heather SHARP

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