Clean up of public spaces underway on MidCoast


A CLEAN up on a massive scale is underway across the MidCoast as the region, declared a natural disaster area, recovers from a 1 in 100 year flood event.

“As the sunshine returns to the MidCoast, we’re working as quickly as we can to clean up, and we’re asking for patience and cooperation from our residents and visitors as we restore our public spaces and beaches,” said Council’s Manager of Community Spaces, Recreation and Trades, Dan Aldridge.

Beaches will not be patrolled this weekend and swimmers and surfers are urged not to enter the water while large amounts of debris and waste continues to wash up on beaches along the entire MidCoast coastline, sometimes many kilometres from river entrances.

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“We’re still dealing with livestock carcasses which are being carried onto beaches from river outlets, along with large amounts of timber and farming debris.

“We’re also asking those with beach driving permits not to drive through the dune systems. Driving is only permitted within the intertidal zone to protect shorebird habitat, animal nests and vegetation.

“Unfortunately if there is too much debris on the beach, then it’s a no-go zone for beach driving.”

Some beaches have been stripped of sand and will need to be stabilised to ensure safety. Expect to see some machinery working on beaches as this occurs.

Council teams are also working progressively through the region to clean up parks, reserves, showgrounds, sports fields, campgrounds and similar facilities.

“For now, we’ve closed these facilities for bookings and will progressively reopen them as they are cleaned up and made safe.”

The road network has also taken a massive hit during the prolonged weather event that beganThursday 18 March and concluded on Tuesday 23 March.

Some roads remain closed as they are assessed and made safe, with the site the best way to stay updated on local roads, and for major roads.

Crews have already been dispatched to provide temporary fixes to fix potholes, while detailed assessment of the damage and required road repairs is undertaken.

MidCoast Council’s Director of Infrastructure and Engineering Services, Rob Scott said, “We have a large road network to cover and a number of organisations coordinating road recovery tasks.

“We ask motorists to please drive carefully and be patient in the days and weeks ahead.”

There will be traffic control measures in place across the region as repairs are made, and some roads will open throughout the day but will close at night due to poor visibility and safety precautions.

For more information on disaster recovery and for help for individuals and businesses, head to

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