Coastal risk, erosion, tidal inundation feedback and input

Great Lakes Council is seeking the community’s feedback on the identification and management of coastal risks such as erosion, slope instability and tidal inundation now and in the future.

Council is exhibiting the following documents for community comment until Friday 15 May 2015:

Draft Jimmy’s Beach, Winda Woppa Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP);

Draft Great Lakes Beaches Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP);

Planning Proposal to Amend Great Lakes LEP 2014 Coastal Risk Planning Area Maps; and

Draft Amendments to the Great Lakes Development Control Plan (DCP).

The documents are available online at or in hardcopy at Great Lakes Council Offices in Forster and Tea Gardens, and the Pacific Palms Library.

The plans and information relate to the following Great Lakes beaches and the land and property behind those beaches:

Nine Mile Beach, Tuncurry; Main, One Mile and Seven Mile Beaches in Forster; Elizabeth, Boomerang and Bluey’s Beaches in Pacific Palms; Sandbar and Cellito Beaches in Smiths Lake; Number One and Boat Beaches in Seal Rocks; Bennett’s Beach in Hawks Nest; and Jimmy’s Beach at Winda Woppa.

The Coastal Zone Management Plans have been prepared with assistance from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and in response to previous rounds of community consultation regarding the management of coastal risks.

Several public information sessions are planned, to allow those interested to learn more and provide comment:

Hawks Nest Community Hall, Booner Street Hawks Nest:

Thursday 9 April, 4pm – 7pm

Monday 27 April, 4pm – 7pm

Council Administration Office, in Breese Parade Forster:

Wednesday 15 April, 4pm – 7pm

Wednesday 29 April, 4pm – 7pm

Pacific Palms Community Hall, The Lakes Way Pacific Palms:

Thursday 16 April, 4pm-7pm

Thursday 30 April, 4pm – 7pm

2 thoughts on “Coastal risk, erosion, tidal inundation feedback and input

  1. Hi,

    There is a product, new to Australia, which has been highly successful elsewhere in the World at combating beach erosion.
    It was extensively tested by Manly Hydraulic Laboratories, a division of the NSW Government.
    Please see
    I have shown it to the Great Lakes Council, but they have an aversion to even consider the system despite its report and success.. I have a seawall that is still performing over 37 years late.e

  2. I told the Great Lakes Council over 10 yrs ago that they would lose Jimmy’s beach road and was told to go away. They knew better and would find a way to curtail the damage. Years later and at what expence????

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