Coffs Coast Roller Derby rolls into the new 2021 season

Kira Campbell (Rika Havok), Tracey Walsh (Without A Trace), Belynda James, Nikki Heavey (MuFasta), Mia Golding (Busty Springfield).


THE fast and furious sport of Roller Derby is rolling back into action and the team at ‘Coffs Coast Derby’ have got their skates on for 2021 following last year’s postponements and cancellations.

Club President and competition skater Nikki Heavey (also known as MuFasta in the skating arena) spoke to News Of The Area.

“This year is about getting and keeping everyone on skates after COVID lockdown and no games for a year, Coffs Coast is looking to get everyone back on their skates and reforming the team for when games start back up again,” said Heavey.

To the untrained eye, a game of Roller Derby can look chaotic but it is a game that requires skating skills, speed, strength and a good handle on the tactics.

Points are awarded when the offensive player from one team, known as the ‘Jammer’, laps any member of the opposing team.

As a full contact sport, the defensive players of the opposing team, known as blockers, can use physical force to stop the jammer passing them, as well as helping to clear the way for their own jammer.

The players demonstrated how the blockers stop the jammer and it wasn’t for the faint hearted as everyone except Mia Golding aka Busty Springfield ended up on the floor.

“What makes it awesome is that it is played using offensive and defensive strategies at the same time, it’s a full body contact sport,” said Heavey.

In order to play Roller Derby new skaters must first learn skating skills and then progress to attacking and blocking drills before they play competitively.

“We coach all levels of skating capabilities from getting you rolling to team derby training and competition ready, new skaters learn all the skate skills and getting you rolling, the bridging program is where skaters transition to playing roller derby through learning the basic minimum skills required to play and roller derby team training, for competitive game play,” said Heavey.

Camaraderie and inclusivity is a key part of the club philosophy.

“Coffs Coast Derby promotes a diverse and inclusive community for all, with a super positive culture, the people are amazing and from all walks of life.

“We also promote positive and healthy body imaging, increasing confidence on skates no matter age, race or gender and have put on several skating fundraisers for the local community,” concluded Heavey.



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