Coffs Suns hold Season Sunrise day to prepare for 2023

Coffs Suns players at the Season Sunrise day.

COFFS Harbour Suns teams have prepared for this year’s representative season with a special Season Sunrise day at Sportz Central.

The day featured a number of activities including team bonding, the announcement of team captains, and on court games and skills, as Coffs Harbour Basketball Association’s teams and players prepared for the representative season ahead while also bonding as a club.

Suns president Elliot Plater said the Season Sunrise day was a rare chance to bring the whole club together.

“It was basically getting together with all the rep teams and getting ready for the season ahead, not only as a team but as a club,” he said.

“To not only know who their teammates are, but who their club members are.

“We are a community, and that is what we were trying to show today is that we support each other.

“Today was a rare occurrence, as the last time we were all together was three years ago.

“And it was good to announce our team captains in front of everyone rather than just on Facebook.”

President Plater said the Suns representative teams had great numbers for 2023.

“It’s the first time in a while we’ve had two teams in each age group, which is huge,” he said.

“We had enough for three teams in our under 14s boys, which is the first time in a long time and only ever happened once before.

“It’s the first time in a while we’ve had two teams in each age group, which is huge.”

Indi Baldwin was one of the many Suns representative players in attendance, and was named under 18s women’s captain for the upcoming representative season.

The seventeen-year-old said she would bring a team first approach to her leadership style in 2023.

“I’m someone who looks out for the team and I’m definitely a pass first player,” she said.

“I like making the amazing pass and they score, and I’m excited when other people score.”

The BDC student highlighted the importance of the Season Sunrise day.

“It was good building a better connection with the whole Suns community,” she said.

“It was a great way to have team bonding and to get into the season.

“It was also good learning how to sort out your diet and looking after your body, and that it’s not only important to look after yourself physically, but mentally.”


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