Community Members Call for Improvement Rather Than Rebuilding

Teramby Road access closed and businesses struggling to operate leaves the community an opportunity to improve rather than rebuild. Photo: Marian Sampson.


WITH significant storm damage around Port Stephens there are calls to take the opportunity for improvement rather than simple replacement of damage.

Rebuilding in some instances could see us end up with similar problems in future weather events.

Improvement and rethinking what has been done, taking into consideration the future needs of the community and the forecast increase of severe weather events could be the smart way forward.

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Margaret Wilkinson has been a proactive member of the community for many years, she offers insight on how the community of Nelson Bay could actually benefit from the land slip at Teramby Road if a rethink and improvement mindset is applied rather than simply rebuilding what was.

She is calling for Council officers and Councillors to take the time to consider an opportunity for a better outcome from the landslip in Teramby Road.

“With the ‘clearing’ of the lantana and weeds, this presents an opportunity for Council to do something positive to improve the area and provide a valuable tourism addition.

“The ‘goat track’ where people now scramble up or down the slope should be turned into a formal stairway with appropriate erosion control and solar lighting as part of the reconstruction.”

She believes that this project could be a very valid one for developer contributions as it would also provide better access to the foreshore for all those residents in high rise developments proposed for the Church Street area.

“It would also be one which could attract the tourism grant funding which is pouring out of government authorities at the present time, similarly, it could potentially attract emergency funding,” she said.

This improvement option, if undertaken, would provide a safe and popular circuit for tourists and would lead them back naturally to Apex Park and the Nelson Bay CBD.

Alternatively a turn to the right would take them along our most beautiful walks – the Bridle path to Bagnall Beach.

Now when people walk to the end of Teramby Road they end up doubling back on their steps.

This landslip creates an opportunity for the foreshore precinct to deliver better gardens, without weeds like lantana.

This area could become a highlight part of the foreshore rather than a messy eyesore.

Margaret suggests that if this is an option that you would like to see considered, or you have another great idea which will improve rather than simply rebuild, please contact your East Ward Councillors and ask for it to be considered and added to the Capital Works listings.

Others have suggested that the Foreshore Drive Culvert similarly is improved from a tourism perspective given the opportunity that the washout has presented, a boardwalk through the wetland could provide pedestrians and cyclists with a safe option while creating a positive tourism opportunity to sustainably explore the wetlands.

Mayor Ryan Palmer told News Of The Area, “Council has always been committed to retaining Foreshore Drive as a road.”

However others including noted local environmentalist Nigel Waters believe that it could become a pedestrian and cycle only access through the wetland and marine sanctuary area with the roadway being terminated just past the housing at either end.

“I would hope that Council and Councillors don’t let this opportunity pass by,” said Wilkinson.




Potential for landscaping to be continued along Teramby Road. Photo: Marian Sampson.

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