Culturally informed cool burns at Mallabula and Gan Gan

The cool burn should assist in protecting property during bushfire seasons. Photo: Marian Sampson.

PORT Stephens Council is exploring traditional ways to safeguard property from bushfire.

Over the next two months, Port Stephens Council will work with the Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council, Hunter Local Land Services and Firesticks to deliver a series of culturally informed ‘cool burns’.

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Culturally informed ‘cool burns’ are a fire management strategy led by Indigenous knowledge to prevent devastating wildfires and create healthier habitat for our beloved koalas and other wildlife.

The cool burns were set to take place at Mallabula this week (18 and 19 June) and in the Salamander Bay/Gan Gan area from 22 to 25 July.

A Port Stephens Council representative told News Of The Area, “While these burns are gentler than regular hazard reduction fires, they still help reduce bushfire risk by clearing flammable material.

“Using fire for the environment or hazard reduction always has some risk.

“But these planned burns follow strict guidelines and only happen in perfect weather.

“They’ll be cool burns with flames under a metre high, much calmer than usual hazard reduction fires”

Port Stephens Council partnered with the Worimi community to apply for grant funding for the cultural burns.

“These grants will also help strengthen their relationship and improve cultural fire knowledge.


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