Dad-joking artist exhibits The Chronicles of Sandwich Bag Dad at the National Cartoon Gallery

David Blumenthal, aka Sandwich Bag Dad brings laughs to lunch bags


DAD jokes are associated with rolling eyes and groans.

But for one joking dad, his humorous art turned into an Instagram phenomenon and now an exhibition.

The National Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour is showing The Chronicles of Sandwich Bag Dad from 16 April – 14 June.

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David Blumenthal, aka Sandwich Bag Dad, father of three girls, began a morning ritual of drawing on their paper lunch bags some nine years ago.

Accompanied by a quirky quip the arty bags became a highlight of the day for teachers and students at his daughters’ school.

Now with an Instagram following of over 7,000 the art forms the foundation of this fun, pun-filled exhibition.

Talking with News Of The Area, David said, “I am honestly still amazed that my humble little bag drawings have attracted so much attention.

“I seriously never expected to gain any followers – other than my family – when I first started posting them on my social media pages.

David never imagined his quirky artworks would gain traction outside of his family.

“My kids still shake their head that there are so many people who voluntarily choose “the sandwich bag dad experience.

“They have no choice but to deal with my constant dad joking, but they just can’t fathom why 1000s of people around the world would actually choose to subject themselves to my nonsense.”

With no formal training, David is thrilled to be able to pursue his childhood hobby in adulthood.

“I am not a professional artist and have never had any formal training.

“I used to draw and paint regularly as a kid but gave it all away when I started university and entered the workforce.

“My school art teacher always said art is something that one eventually returns to, and she was right.

“Drawing is now a major hobby again,” he said.

Having a few days off school, “The whole sandwichbag clan will be joining me at Coffs Cartoon Gallery opening night”, David added.

David is running two workshops for ages five and up on Saturday 17 April.

Bookings recommended for opening night and workshops – phone 0266 517 343, or drop into the gallery at 1 John Champion Way, Coffs Harbour.

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