Demerit points for abusing disabled parking spots

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay recently announced the introduction of a demerit point penalty, on top of the existing fine for able bodied people found guilty of abusing disabled car parking spaces.

Mr Gay said he won’t stand for the irresponsible and rude actions of people who deny disabled people the right to park in these critical car parks.

“I have made it very clear I’m outraged by able bodied people who steal disabled car parks just to make their life easier,” Mr Gay said.

“These people selfishly deny vulnerable members of our community close access to buildings and sufficient room to get in and out of their vehicles – they are low lifes, simple.

“Clearly, hitting their back pocket doesn’t stop this behaviour so I’ll hit them where it really hurts, their licence.

“From 1st December, anyone caught parking in a disabled car park without holding a valid mobility parking sticker will not only get a $519.00 fine, the highest fine for this offence in the country, they’ll also receive a demerit point penalty.

“Wherever disabled parking offences are currently enforced, whether on a public road or in a car park, the demerit point will apply.

“Drivers who think about parking illegally in disabled car parks need to know the demerit point penalty can contribute towards licence suspension and also make drivers ineligible for discounted driver’s licence renewal fees and reduced insurance premiums.

“The demerit point will hopefully help people use their moral compass and think twice before choosing to park their vehicles illegally in a disabled car park,” Mr Gay said.

The public can report abuse of the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme by phoning 1300 884 899.

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