Deputy Mayor Cr Paul Amos announces group ticket for local government election

Scott Wolgamot is running as a Coffs Harbour councillor on a group ticket with Deputy Mayor Cr Paul Amos.


COFFS Harbour Deputy Mayor Cr Paul Amos has announced he will be running for Mayor at the upcoming Local Government Election and has recently revealed who will be running with him on his ticket.

Cr Amos has announced that Number 2 on his group ticket to join Council for the upcoming 3-year term will be passionate Coffs Harbour resident Scott Wolgamot, Number 3 on his ticket is long-term Coffs Harbour local Julie Sechi, and Number 4 on his ticket is local community stalwart Helen Oliver.

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Paul will continue his stance as an independent candidate in the six weeks left leading up to the election and he firmly believes that there remains no place for party politics in the local regional government election.

“It is important people know who and what they are voting for,” Cr Amos stated.

“I don’t think people like political parties in local politics.

“They are voting for people they trust to represent their views on local issues rather than looking to get into State or Federal politics.”

Cr Amos said his team come from different backgrounds, but possess common goals including seeking transparency in Council meetings, integrity in how the community is engaged and energy in preserving and promoting the parts of our Coffs area that make it special.

“Our job in the coming three years will be to build trust and confidence in the local government,” Cr Amos said.

He was one of only two Councillors in NSW voted in ‘below the line’ on his own independent ticket in the last elections and will this time give voters an ‘above the line’ option with Julie, Scott and Helen involved.

Paul has sought to include team members with a known track record of community involvement and volunteering.

When asked why Scott would be joining the Mayoral ticket, Paul highlighted some of Scott’s previous roles.

“Coffs Harbour deserves a Councillor of Scott’s calibre,” Cr Amos said.

“He has been a community member of Council’s Agriculture Advisory Committee and either President or Treasurer of soccer, volleyball and swimming clubs and P & C’s, while also working locally in engineering and agriculture.”

Cr Amos said Scott has had international stints working in the USA, New Zealand and China but ultimately chose to raise his family in the Coffs Harbour region.

“He will bring to the table a strong knowledge of agriculture and the ‘bigger picture’ of how Coffs can protect its unique natural assets while continued economic and job opportunities emerge here,” Cr Amos said.

Julie Sechi is a long-term local who has lived and worked in Coffs Harbour for over 30 years.

“Julie is exactly what the Coffs Council needs in terms of community engagement and representation,” Cr Amos said.

“Her background has been so diverse through her experience in teaching, hairdressing, real estate, business advertising and ownership.”

Cr Amos said the next Council needs to put time and energy into listening and involving the community.

“Those who have met Julie know how strong she is on these aspects,” he said.

“She is extremely connected to the challenges that families and businesses face, which will be important for our area surviving and thriving through the Covid-19 downturn and the bypass in the years to come.”

Rounding out the independent team ticket is Helen Oliver, who many people would know from her work with Coffs Harbour TAFE and her community involvement with the Coffs Harbour Primary School P and C Committee, Girl Guides, the Life Education Triathlon, Coffs Harbour Running Festival, cricket and soccer clubs.

Helen’s most recent work has been with Community Transport and the Soup Kitchen.

Paul points to the ‘runs on the board’ when highlighting the value of a vote for ‘Team Moose’ this year.

“These are people who are absolutely driven to give back to the community and to do what they can to build a positive future for Coffs Harbour,” he said.

“The proof is in their experience and how they are already contributing.

“I think choosing people like this who already generously volunteer their time for good causes gives people confidence that we’re asking them to vote for us for the right reasons.”

Paul is valuing the chance to have some team members on the ‘Moose caboose’ ballot this time around.

“I would never run for Mayor without doing my time as a Councillor first and making sure I can do my best in this role, but to run for Mayor, you also need support on the ballot ticket,” he said.

“Those who have listened to meetings these last 5 years will know how committed and passionate I am, and I’ve found three people who have that exact same fire in their belly.

“I’ve already been so encouraged by the energy of not only Julie, Scott and Helen, but also other people coming up (and even yelling out the window) in support of the ‘Moose for Mayor’ team.”

Cr Amos highlighted his track history as a councillor at Council, achieving substantial wins in getting Jetty Foreshores land back from the State Government for the Coffs Harbour community and getting tunnels instead of cuttings for the Coffs Harbour Bypass to reduce the impact on residents and the environment.

He sees some key challenges ahead for the incoming Council, including the urgent issues of a tip and waste solution to remove the smell from the entrance to the town, and land availability for families to be able to live a healthy life here.

“I’ve put forward three people who I know will make sure people of Coffs have some trust and confidence in how the local Council meets the challenges arising in the next 3 years,” he said.

The Coffs Harbour Local Government Election will be held on Saturday December 4 and pre-polling will commence on 22 November 2021.




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