EBike a game-charger for Coffs Harbour Parkinson’s patient


A COFFS Harbour man with Parkinson’s is experiencing ‘life-changing’ health improvements since being introduced to eBikes by his support company Heal for Life Australia.

In just three months, Greg, aged 54, has noticed he has much more movement, less shaking and feels stronger.

But the changes are more than physical, he said.

“My confidence has grown, I’m better at talking to others and I feel more capable when I am riding.

“I used to be a bit of a hermit.

“Now, I love getting out and about.

“Along the way people will stop to chat to me about the eBike.

“That is life-changing because it makes me feel like I don’t have a disability.

“No one is focused on what I can’t do, they just want to talk about our shared interest of riding bikes,” he said.

Greg was introduced to eBikes by Jodie Kennedy, Founder and Director at Heal for Life Australia, who is an avid cyclist herself.

“I know what a difference cycling, and exercise in general, can make to our lives and I’m always looking for new activities that will suit our client’s individual interests, needs and goals,” she said.

“As soon as I had a turn on an eBike, I knew they’d be perfect for Greg, so we invested in a pair of them straight away.

“It’s been incredible to see such big changes in such a short timeframe.

“Now, not only is Greg enjoying his own rides and health improvements, he’s taken on the role of teaching our support workers how to ride too.

“He is teaching us as much as we are supporting him, and it’s been great for his confidence.”

If Greg has one piece of advice for others who are nervous about trying an eBike, it would be to just give it a go.
“Exercise fixes so many things, it makes you feel good.

“Plus, the eBike means you can try it without having to worry if you’ll make it up the hill or make it home.

“Try it and see if it’s for you – it’s been life-changing for me,” he said.

Greg’s confidence has now grown so much he’s set his sights on completing the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail and has plans to start his own eBike group.

Heal for Life Australia is a Coffs Harbour company who specialise in supporting people with Parkinson’s.

If you’d like to know more, visit healforlifeaustralia.com, email hello@healforlifeaustralia.com or call 0468 686 754.

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