Entertainment around Port Stephens and Myall Coast


Friday 13/12/2019 Loko Nelson Bay West Diggers  
Friday 13/12/2019 Crawford Brothers Duo Anna Bay Tavern 8.15pm
Friday 13/12/2019 Kelly Hope Nelson Bay Bowling Club 6.45pm
Friday 13/12/2019 The Way Tilligerry RSL 8.00pm
Saturday 14/12/2019 Finn Tea Gardens Hotel 7.30pm
Saturday 14/12/2019 Anyerin Nelson Bay Golf Club  
Saturday 14/12/2019 Club Remix Nelson Bay Bowling Club 7.30pm
Saturday 14/12/2019 Georgie James Shoal Bay Country Club 6.00pm
Saturday 14/12/2019 Kellie Cain Duo Anna Bay Tavern 8.00pm
Saturday 14/12/2019 Scully Tilligerry RSL 7.30pm
Saturday 14/12/2019 Whiskey Business Duo Nelson Bay Diggers RSL 9.30pm
Sunday 15/12/2019 Kelly Hope Shoal Bay Country Club 2.30pm
Sunday 15/12/2019 Murray Byfield Anna Bay Tavern 3.00pm
Sunday 15/12/2019 Emily Smith Nelson Bay Golf Club  
Sunday 15/12/2019 Tim Harding Nelson Bay Diggers RSL  
Friday 20/12/2019 Chad Shuttleworth Duo Tilligerry RSL 8.00pm
Friday 20/12/2019 Spank N The Monkey Anna Bay Tavern 8.15pm
Saturday 21/12/2019 Marriah Tea Gardens Hotel 7.30pm
Saturday 21/12/2019 Ryan Hemsworth Tilligerry RSL 7.30pm
Saturday 21/12/2019 The Bad And The Ugly Anna Bay Tavern 8.00pm
Sunday 22/12/2019 Ryan Hemsworth Anna Bay Tavern 3.00pm

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