From strength to strength for local off roading group 4X4 Adventures Newcastle

Joan Coker, David Pearce, Shannon Nolan, Jysen Bell, Brendan James, Cody Lindley, Jacob Ivan Ghilardi, Rebekah Froome, David Walters, Sam Ralston, Callan Sanderson. Photo: Will De Lore, Midnight Collective.


4X4 Adventures Newcastle are a group you’ve probably seen lately.

The convoy of heavy duty vehicles and keen drivers can often be spotted at trail heads and en masse at the local servo before departing the tarmac for rougher roads.

This intrepid group are heading into their third year of operation with their largest ever membership.

It’s easy to wonder if they should rename the group 4×4 Adventures Port Stephens with many adventures launched down Lavis Lane onto Stockton beach.

Joan, one of the devoted administrators of the group said, “We love to get out in the bush and spend a lot of time on Stockton beach.

“It’s clean, majestic and so welcoming when we just want to sit for a more relaxing social gathering, getting to know one another better.

“Covid compliance is also important, and Stockton provides sufficient space for that.”

With an easy to remember birthday, January 26, this group is a family friendly and adventure focused one.

They marked the occasion this year with a drive out onto their favourite beach and the deployment of a slip and slide.

“We also organise camping events, have completed clean-up weekends and occasionally surprise the members with admin planned mystery trips,” Joan said.

“We cater for beginners all the way up to extreme enthusiasts and are looking forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, SUV’s were the most popular class of car sold in 2020.
Most of those 4×4’s will never see a sand dune but, certainly in Port Stephens, there’s plenty of eager volunteers to help change that.

Don’t be fooled however, while this group may call it a ‘run’, you had better be strapped tightly into your seat.



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