Global Sisters Want To Set Up Hub To Empower Coffs Coast Women In Business

Global Sisters Helen Thomson (L) and Mandy Richards want to support local women.


WOMEN’s issues have been highlighted in recent times so it was fortuitous that Global Sisters introduced themselves to the Coffs Harbour community at the Success Hub in Sawtell last week.

Global Sisters aims to make business possible for women, enabling them to be financially resilient and ‘stand tall’.

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The organisation began in 2016 and launched nationally in 2019.

It seeks to remove the structural and systemic barriers women commonly face to make self-employment a viable option for women.

This occurs through Regional Hubs and a digital, remote access program for “Air Sisters” to tap into a national collective.

Coffs Harbour City Councillor Tegan Swan facilitated an information session with founders Mandy Richards and Heather Thomson for local women who represent groups that work with women in the Coffs Harbour community.

Ms Richards and Ms Thomson talked about Global Sisters’ innovative approach to supporting women from the earliest stage of business ideation, providing long-term, end-to-end support and assisting with the launching and growing of their businesses.

They told the audience there is not a level playing field, and spoke about addressing the multiple systemic and personal barriers women face to successfully establish and grow a business.

Global sisters has three stages of support over a 3+ year roadmap.

Initially, they provide education about generating business ideas and how to launch a business.

There is a second stage of education about the tools, networks, coaching and microfinance to help women gain momentum in their business.

The final stage is to support women through education about business growth.

Ms Richards said, “Global sisters is a ‘one stop shop’ for business support for women.”

She told the audience that Global Sisters aims to provide alternatives for women to generate their own income.

They are hoping to establish a hub in Coffs Harbour that starts from the ground up.

The presenters want advocates for women’s business empowerment in the local community to tap into the Global Sisters network and use their tools to help women grow sustainable businesses from their ideas.

Ms Thomson said, “Community is the glue to hold it all together.”


By Andrew VIVIAN

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