Happy locals enjoy new BBQs at Winda Woppa Reserve

The Winda Woppa BBQ induction was organised by Gina Harbach (centre), a long time local advocate for community improvements.


DESPITE the stormy weather, a group of enthusiastic locals took to the new gas BBQs at Winda Woppa Reserve with sausages and onions, giving a tick of approval to their recent installation by Mid Coast Council.

The BBQ event bought a local crowd safely together providing an outdoor opportunity for them to connect and share updates on health, holidays and events.

Organiser, Gina Harbach, told News Of The Area, “We would like to thank Councillor Len Roberts who really supported the new BBQs being installed at Winda Woppa Reserve.

“We were concerned that they would not be replaced when they are so important for locals and visitors alike.

“The Winda Woppa reserve is a great place by the river for a BBQ with family and friends.”

The new gas BBQs are being installed by the Mid Coast Council to upgrade the facilities in the Winda Woppa reserve.


By Sandra MURRAY

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